Agricultural Protection

  • Green Houses

  • Agricultural nets

  • Ground Covers

  • Water Collection Systems


We design, calculate and execute the production of steel structures for all kinds of purposes.

Engineering & Modeling

Sandblast & Powercoat

We have the most advanced computer software capable of solving problems in a very efficient way, preserving quality as the main objective.

We offer our customers premium finishes on our sandblasting and powder coating product.

CNC & Other capabilities

  • 3 axis CNC plasma cutters

  • 5-axis CNC milling. Cnc 60 ton
    steel press

  • Qualified welding

Tensile Structures

  • Shade Sails

  • Retractable Roofs Systems

  • Textile Facades


Metal Professionals

Years of experience in all types of steel work.


Heavy steel assembly and on-site installation, such as warehouses, steel frame buildings, advertising structures and more.

With our team we are able to provide services such as:

  • Steel connections and assemblies.

  • 5-axis CNC milling for steel.

  • CNC plasma table for steel, stainless steel and aluminum

  • CNC 60 ton steel bender

  • Steel punching press

  • Sandblast

  • Dust coat finish

  • Design and CAD drawing.

  • Qualified weldin

  • 3D and VR modeling



Año de Establecimiento


Proyectos Completados


Membrane Professionals

Design and engineering in high quality free-form efficient roof systems, such as PVC membrane tensile structures or HDPE membrane as covers.

 Turn Key Big Span Lightweight Structures for NURSERY CROPS, Steel Structure Airflow Systems and Moisture Walls.

720 Cover film and retractable inner shade system on request.

Irrigation system and work tables.

 In agricultural packaging facilities, HDPE membranes are profitably used for delineation of work areas, dirt control and shade for loading areas and truck lines.

Promesha had proudly provided more than 500,000m2 of shade for livestock.

Promesha had proudly provided more than 4,000,000m2 of HDPE sleeving to produce.


Agricultural land cover.

 We manufacture large and small PVC and HDPE covers on request.





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